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Case Studies

Clarity ITS

As a commercial contractor and a small business, Clarity ITS needed to maintain big-industry human resource standards in the field but they had limited HR expertise in their internal support structure.  Office Manager, April Crosby, began to explore options for a more individualized HR service and realized what they needed was a human resource consultant to provide solutions to their business needs.


What is 7 1/2% Worth to Your Bottom Line?

Do you know what it takes to reduce your Worker's Comp Insurance?

Learn from seasoned professionals on how Worker’s Comp Insurance can be reduced by 7 ½% and what it takes to make this happen. It’s the simple fact that businesses don’t know what they don’t know and we’re here to enlighten you. What business wouldn’t like a guaranteed additional 7 ½% savings?

The experts at The Stellaris Group will educate and train you on how simple it is to gain an additional 7 ½% back to your bottom line. For businesses that don’t have the HR staff to put procedures in place, that’s where we come in to cover the grey.
This is what we have to share:

  • Benefits to Employer
  • Requirements for Certification
  • Components for your Drug-Free workplace program
  • Cost of the Program
  • Details on how Worker’s Comp Insurance costs are reduced 7 1/2%

Immediate Response Accident

Do You Have A 24-Hour Accident Response Plan?

Learn from the experts on what your employees need to know immediately following an accident, and, the actions your company needs to take. Too often the individual who’s just been in an accident goes into panic mode. They get frazzled and are not sure what to do next. Limit your liability with a plan.

The Stellaris Group educates and trains businesses just like yours with exactly how to handle the situation. Especially, if the organization doesn’t have the HR staff to put procedures in place.

  • Have a checklist for all employees AND supervisors
  • Educate and train your staff
  • Communicate and follow up
  • Role play
  • Explore your options


Stellaris Group provides you with a Resource Library that offers in-depth research articles, tools, solutions and advice for managing daily business challenges and growing your company designed to help you make an informed decision about current business issues. Build a better business with our resources and support.



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